Garden News 2016

Market Garden News

What an active year we have had . For picture gallery look here

The Herb garden has been carefully looked after this year with one of the beds cleared completely to make way for copious amounts of Mint and Parsley for the kitchen to use. 

Amber Services have continued to be on site with their many Learning Disability clients who are clearly loving what they are doing. 

Dale Dudley and all the lads from Arden House (see picture above) have now finished making a Cob Oven - which in Adobe style white looks like it has just descended from outer space. Pizza is on the cards as it generates a huge amount of heat whilst being made essentially from Straw and Mud (forgive me Dale if this is innacurate!). 

Meanwhile the vineyard in its fourth year, under the watchful eye of Nick Stokes - and with help from Martin Vickers at Halfpenny Green Vineyard - is due to produe its first proper crop. This could be white or pink from the Pinot Noir Early grape - as well as Still or Sparkling. What would you like to see? 

A competition is under way to arrive at a name for the wine. We decided that it should begin with the letter "G". Any suggestions (polite ones please) to Richard on 

In a bid to stop the birds from decimating the crop, Nick has covered all 18 rows with green netting. Do take a look if you can.