Winter Weddings 2017/18

Christmas Weddings 2017 and January 2018

If you were thinking (or even not thinking) about a Winter Wedding , then there are some dates available for Winter Weddings at very affordable prices:

1)  Between Boxing Day and New Year's eve. Specifically this is the 27th to the 30th December inclusive

2)  January 2018.  -  any date in January subject to availability. 

The Christmas dates are popular because most people are off work during this period.

This and January give you a really affordable inclusive package  - an additional 10% off the regular price. Both give you a fully inclusive wedding  at an amazing price. To give you an idea: 

Perfect Wedding - now £4,140 (50 during the day and 100 at night)

Ultimate Wedding - now £6,255 (50 during the day and 100 at night) 

Ultimate Wedding Saturday - now £8,550 (80 during the day and 120 at night)

Definitely worth thinking about! 

If you would like to explore this idea - give Jo a call on 01562 777791. Happy Planning.